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Taking the guess work out

Cottage Docks takes great pride in offering the widest most flexible easy to use selection of Dock Kits available, while maintaining the most competitive pricing in the industry.

Raw Kit
All our Raw Kits are supplied with everything needed to finish your floating dock completely. Cottage Docks calls this our “Raw kit. With the purchase of most Raw Kit we supply a basic 2 part 3D diagram with basic measurement instructions and parts list.

Pre-Assembled Dock Kit
If you’re not interested in disrupting your whole weekend or weekends building a dock, then Cottage Docks has the perfect solution.

The Pre-Assembled Dock Kit is a 70% time saver. For this we basically build the dock except for the final decking we leave that for the customer. Our team does all the measuring, drilling and cutting. We also cut every decking board to the exact size. For our pre-assembled kit we even have our floats attached to the frame. We label the appropriate parts then slightly disassemble it for transport purposes. At this point most of the work involved for the customer is decking the surface of their new dock. In 90% of the cases, the total Pre-Assembled Kit “package” can be delivered right into the water and towed away by the customer to a convenient location for the easy assembly.

All material supplied in our dock kits is identical to the high quality dock systems we build & install for our customers.

Cottage Docks can quote immediately for any dock type or size that is required.


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