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Hewitt2 Direct Drive

The Hewitt2 boat lift direct drive system takes the place of the standard winch wheel. The Hewitt2 features convenient remote control operation and dock lighting for added safety. The unit is quick and easy to install and is available in AC and DC versions. For use on lifts up to 6000 lb lifting capacity. Hewitt2 drives have a double-sealed motor shaft, sealed electrical box and O-rings around the rivets for extra protection against the elements. Drives includes a two-piece cover.


115V AC Unit

Includes AC drive with non-remote control box and key – or – AC drive with remote control box, key and two wireless remote control key fobs; canopy light; motor crank for backup operation and mounting hardware.

2V or 24V DC Unit

Includes 12V or 24V DC drive with nonremote control box and key – or – DC drive with remote control, key and two wireless remote control key fobs; canopy light; jumper cables; motor crank for backup operation and mounting hardware.


Battery Box Stand

Keep your marine batteries off your dock and out of the way. Single (12V) and double (24V) with stand.

Backup Operation

In the event of a power failure, simple insert the backup bit into a cordless drill and lower your boat with ease.

Buck Booster

Used when electrical wiring is inadequate, AC Models ONLY!

Solar Panel

Efficiently keep your marine battery charged without over charging. 10,20 and 30 watts.

Battery Indicator

Can be used with 12V batteries. Use two units for checking the status of your 24V boat lift system, one for each battery.

Mechanical Limit Switch

Automatically turns motor off when lift reaches the fully raised position and prevents over-lifting.

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