Protect Your Personal Watercraft

Wave Port DLX5 (5’ wide) and DLX6 (6‘ wide) are 12’ in length and constructed of thick, rugged, foam-filled polyethylene. These unsinkable ports utilize a proprietary foaming process which increases buoyancy and structural integrity. Integrated side pontoons also increase flotation and stability. Both ports accommodate any size personal watercraft and include a removable bow stop with tie-down ring and adjustable, polyurethane-overlaid wheels which can be strategically placed in the port bed to evenly distribute weight and aid in the loading/unloading process. Both models come in a Pebble Beach textured finish designed to match the Wave Dock system.

DLX5 (5’x12′)

Weight: 275 lbs
Weight Cap: 1600 lbs
Designed to allow two ports side-by-side fitting
perfectly into a 10’ slip. 8 adjustable wheels.

DLX6 (6’x12′)

Weight: 300 lbs
Weight Cap: 2200 lbs
Designed with an extra 6” on each side of the platform,
creating a safe walking platform to and from the port
and dock and allowing standing room while mounting/
dismounting your PWC. 10 adjustable wheels


  • Rotational Molded Construction and Built-in UV Protection
  • Foam-filled Polyethylene Increases Buoyancy and Structural Integrity
  • Integrated Side Pontoons Increase Flotation and Stability
  • Flagstone Textured Deck Finish
  • Integrates with Wave Dock System – Can Stand Alone, Connect Together or to Other Floating Docks or Structures

Our supplier Hewitt Docks has rated us as their #1 dealer in Ontario for over 15 years.
For more information about waveport  lifts please feel free to visit the Hewitt website.

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