All Purpose Floats: Black

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Techstar All Purpose Dock Floats offer the maximum in design flexibility and economy. Each float has 6 molded holes enabling you to lag your floats to your frame up from the bottom. You can use any size framing lumber 2×6 or larger. 3 Different heights allow you to choose your freeboard.

Why choose Techstar All Purpose Dock Floats?

  • Both lumber and hardware stay out of the water, floats lag thru moulded holes to the bottom of your frame.
  • Less wood required for construction.
  • Less labor to build your dock.
  • Polyethylene is environmentally friendly.
  • Polyethylene is gasoline resistant.
  • Polyethylene is resistant to aquatic wildlife such as muskrats, otters and beavers.
  • 3 Heights to choose from (8″, 12″ and 16″).
  • 6 Mounting holes are molded in.
  • All 3 sizes are filled with closed cell expanded polystyrene.

Choose your required freeboard then pick the correct float for height taking into consideration your frame height. Next, work out the square footage of your dock design and consult the chart below. Let’s say you were going to build an 8’x20′ standard rectangular dock and wanted to use AP-12 floats. Your dock would be 160 square feet so if you divide by 20 (the number off the chart), you would need a minimum of 8 floats. Put a float close to or right on each corner and spread the balance out relatively equally. An extra long or heavy ramp will require flotation where dock and ramp meet.