Lift Ease Wheel Kit

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Boat Lift Wheel Kit (Includes 2 Wheel Brackets, Hardware and 2-27″ Wheels) 20-1/2″ of adjustment.

Get a boat lift wheel kit to make getting your boat lift in and out of water a breeze. Hewitt’s lift ease wheel kit for boat lifts has two 27″ wheels, suitable for many terrain types.

The boat lift wheels are adjustable and feature a full-length mounting bracket that can be attached to the lift in two locations for added strength. The wheels for the boat lift have patent-pending built-in brakes, which helps avoid tire rotation when the wheel is not touching the ground and due to wave action. A 27″ wheel is standard, but an optional 18″ is available. It features a stainless-steel rod and a maintenance-free nylon nut.

The adjustable screw legs of the Hewitt lift ease wheel kit offers unmatched heavy-duty design and user-friendly features. The screw legs are completely rebuildable to make fixes easy if needed and have 20-1/2″ of adjustability. They can be operated with a cordless drill if desired. It has a built-in feature on the leg as an extension-stop to prevent the leg from being overextended.

Our cantilever boat lift wheel kits are simply a must for boat lift installation and removal.

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