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Wheel Float Dock out of Water

Winter-Proofing Your Dock

Ready Your Dock for Canada's Harshest Winters! As the title says, it’s time to winter-proof your dock.  But can your dock ever be truly winter-proofed?  That all depends, let’s dig in! As the temperature starts to drop and the leaves begin to fall, it's important to start thinking about getting your dock ready for the deep freeze.  Not only can ice and...

Dock damaged by ice

Can my floating dock stay in the water during winter?

There’s no better place to live it up than your floating dock during all the warmer seasons Canada has to offer. However, come winter, it's a whole different story.  The cold season brings with it many concerns due to ice and freezing. Winter has the potential to wreak havoc and cause significant damage to your floating dock. Thankfully, unlike their...

Our Most Popular Floating Dock

The truth is, we don’t have one shape or size that is our most popular. Yes, many people like a 8 x 20 floating dock, or a 10 x 16 floating dock, but every shoreline and preference is different, so we build a wide variety of docks styles each year. Some people have a SLX waveport that they want to...

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