Anchor Bolt

A heavy-duty bolt embedded in concrete or a piling to secure the dock

Anchor Chain

Heavy-duty chain used to secure the dock's anchor or mooring system. Floating Dock Accessories, Hardware, Otter Island Accessories Marine Grade Chain $4.00 Read more

Backing Plate

A flat metal or composite plate used to reinforce and distribute the load at connection points, such as cleats or hardware, on a dock. Backing plates prevent damage to the dock's structure and provide added strength for secure attachments. Floating Dock Accessories, Hardware Backing Plate $14.00 Read more


A retaining wall or structure used to control erosion and protect the dock area.


A cushioning material attached to the dock to protect boats from impact.

Carriage Bolt

A type of bolt with a smooth, rounded head and a square or hexagonal shank beneath. Carriage bolts are commonly used in dock construction to secure components together, and their design prevents them from turning when tightened. Floating Dock Accessories, Hardware Carriage Bolt Package $37.00 – $42.00 Select options


A device mounted on the dock for securing ropes and lines.

Clevis Pin

A pin with a hole at one end and a split at the other, used to connect different dock components.

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