Our Most Popular Floating Dock

Our Most Popular Floating Dock

The truth is, we don’t have one shape or size that is our most popular. Yes, many people like a 8 x 20 floating dock, or a 10 x 16 floating dock, but every shoreline and preference is different, so we build a wide variety of docks styles each year. Some people have a SLX waveport that they want to incorporate or like their dock to be a U-Shape to accommodate a boat. Some prefer western red cedar, and others want pressure treated. The great thing about a custom floating dock, is that the designs are limitless, and they are perfect for deep water, and fluctuating water levels.

Here are some unique designs we’ve created.


The U-Shape
We built this dock for a client who wanted to protect their boat from any waves.  The entire dock uses Bumper Boy Bumpers in sandstone, which offer a full 3” of protection between your dock and your boat. 

This floating dock system is perfect if you have PWC’s.  You can see there are two SLX Waveports attached to the side of the dock. This is ideal for people who are looking for an easy and convenient way to store their jet skis.

Next is the 8×20.  This is a popular dock for many people.  It’s beautiful, straightforward and cost-effective.  The dock shown here has dock cleats and a 5-step dock ladder.  Our most popular accessories.

This next dock is a Bumper Float dock.  These are also very popular because the floats also act as dock bumpers.  These custom docks can be built in any shape or size, and can work with any shoreline.

We built this is a large, 20 x 20 floating dock for clients who wanted lots of space to entertain and enjoy that view.   We also added a few extras which include bumperboy bumpers, dock cleats, and a boat lift.  

Dock Builders Ontario with Boat lift

No matter what your vision is, we can make it a reality.  We have been custom floating dock builders for over 20 years, and have built countless designs and configurations.  We are experts at our craft, and we can help you design the perfect docking system for your waterfront.  Give us a call today or fill out our Design Your Dream Dock form, and let’s get started.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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